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Upheaval of Color by Victor Alvarez-Brunicardi

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

From May 18th until June 2nd . Opening May 18th, 2019 7:00 p.m.

“In this series of abstract inks, acrylics and watercolors there is the deliberate intention of capturing movement in a fraction of time. At that very moment, things flow in a direction or turn around themselves. There is a friction that generates heat which generates color. The images sometimes stay quiet but they are always trying to distract your attention away from what you want to see; towards something else on the paint field. These abstract images do not want you to recognize the hidden faces, the deliberately unfamiliar things; used unintentionally but unavoidably in the composition process.”

“Some of the pieces in this exhibition are very active; this is self-evident. The quieter ones hide a more intense drama and will erupt at any moment; you just have to know it and be ready. There are no regulations for the use of color in this series as a group; some of the pieces are almost monochromatic; in others, the complementary colors flirt shamelessly with each other fighting for power. There is no academic control in the definition of style and media in this series; lines over brush strokes, over accidental textures, over applied roughness, over lines that I forgot before. This exercise might seem pretentious, but it is very simple and its success would lay on the dynamics that can be built between the spectator and the individual piece of art. Just some complicity is required; then these pieces will be able to live apart from each other.”

About Víctor Álvarez-Brunicardi

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1941, Víctor participated in his first collective art show in 1962 at the "National Annual Drawing Exhibition" in Venezuela. His first solo show took place in 1968 in Caracas.

Victor moved permanently to the United States in 1982. His art has been displayed in cities like Olympia and Seattle in Washington, Boston and Tampa. He has also participated in dozens of exhibitions in Latin America and his work is part of numerous private collections.

Victor is also an Architect and works for a well-known architecture firm as its Director of Design. He has been living in Florida since 2002.


Nació en Caracas Venezuela en 1941

Participó en su primera exposición de arte colectivo en 1962 en la “Exposición Nacional de Dibujo Anual” en Venezuela. Su primer show individual se llevo a cabo en 1968 en Caracas. De ahi en adelante hasta 1982, Victor presentó 25 exposiciones individuales. Sus obras han sido representadas en un número de exposiciones colectivas en Venezuela, America Latina y los Estados Unidos.

Su trabajo también forma parte de colecciones privadas de arte.

En 1982, Victor Alvarez-Brunicardi se muda permanentemente a EEUU. Desde su llegada, sus obras han sido presentadas a través de los años en varias ciudades norteamericanas que incluyen Boston, Massachusetts, Olympia y Seattle, Washington y Tampa, Florida.

El Artista vive en Florida desde 2002.

Victor Alvarez Brunicardi también es Arquitecto y director de diseño en una compañía muy conocida en Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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