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Elsa Victorios: Una viajera del mundo | Comentario por Jack O’Brien, Curador

Posted by evictorios on August 12, 2016 in Reviews | No Comments

Elsa Victorios es una artista que pinta con el alma. Sus lienzos son una expresión de su imaginación, su intelecto y sus emociones más profundas. Victorios se refiere a su serie de pinturas de bicicletas como las “Viajeras del Mundo,” y sus obras realmente son viajeras; han sido expuestas alrededor del mundo.

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Commentary by Antonio Guzzi, Art Critic

Posted by evictorios on July 22, 2016 in Reviews | No Comments

Elsa Victorios is no stranger to fantasy, so it is not unusual to find a precipice that meets the sea where the water does not overflow. There are steps to reach the water that sways, and we are able to walk on its liquid surface, because everything is a dream.

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Elsa Victorios: A World Traveler | Commentary by Jack O’Brien, Curator

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Elsa Victorios is an artist who paints directly from her soul. Her canvases are an outpouring of her imagination, intellect and her deepest emotions. Victorios refers to her bicycle series paintings as her “Los Viajeros del Mundo” (World Travelers) and her paintings truly are travelers. She has exhibited them around the world.

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